''Welcome to WITNESS.''

What is this game?
An interactive novel which throws you into the world of witness protection. You play as a 26 year old female from Washington D.C. who's seen things that now put her life at risk. You now have no other choice than to abandon the life you've known and start from the ground up in an unfamiliar place.

You are assigned a U.S. Marshall to protect you and, in the event that your cover is blown, relocate you to a safer place. Become enemies, friends, or something more; the choice is yours.

---This is a demo of a game I plan to publish in the future. Please provide any feedback on the story concept, coding errors, or bugs you encounter, as they will be extremely helpful for polishing the game up and getting it ready for future full release!


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I love it so far!  It's very well written, and I'm excited to see where you take us.  

Edit: Levi is best boi.  

Lol, I'm glad you're liking it! :D